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This is Viola and Mark

We humbly thank you for visiting our land of fragrances

“Anything and everything you have ever imagined, nature has already created – beholding the beauty of nature is the first step towards liberating one's mind – nature is the greatest architect of all, creating the most beautiful wonders of this world.”

Clay pottery with table linens

This is the message which inspires and drives us towards the daily production of new products under the MyCocco brand. We are stringent believers in the force of karma; we believe that by emitting positive energy into the world, we will also receive it in return. We begin every day on a positive note: with a smile on our faces. We enjoy making people happy with gifts, from the bottom of our hearts. We celebrate the little things life offers every day, as well as what fate may have in store for us in the future. The world is truly beautiful. Every moment is a precious gift. 

Passion and love for experimenting with new flavours of smells first started in 1997, when we first visited the perfumery known as Fragonard, situated in Île-de-France.

It was then when we realized just what kind of intoxicating elixir formed upon mixing flowers, spices, and various oils by the most incredible craftsmen in the world. We once saw this as an unattainable task to repeat, only possible for a select few artisans. Today, however, we have the wisdom to understand that this is not the case. Creating candles and homemade cosmetics is something which we have now experimented with and studied for years.

Our combinations of various essences make the winter nights that much more  heart warming, as well as the sun-kissed summer sunsets at the beach during the golden hour. Or near the overbearing mountain ranges with those sharp, icy-tipped cliff edges. Or in the garden, feeling one with nature as you watch bees pollinate daffodils. Or in relaxing bubble baths after another gruesome day at work. Everything in our shop is fit for our family, and our friends deserve the same treatment.

Our inspiration for creation roots from the smells of flowers; observing trees throughout their autumn maturation; hearing birds sing their hearts out with pure passion; watching the clouds and the stars change and form the most artistic, most gentle sights. Yet, it’s all natural. Every product which comes from our lab is handmade and crafted from natural ingredients. We deeply care for animals, and therefore are unable to accept their exploitation as subjects for involuntary testing – something also disrupting their ecosystem as a knock-on effect.

Mountain Lake Reflection

The time has now come to share our products with you. We would like the perfect smells and warmth to be abundant in every home. Our products will be consistently of perfect quality, though we will require your feelings, inspiration, reflection and feedback. 

We kindly thank you for being by our side. We hope that we shall remain together forever.

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